5 Ways To Market Yourself. Locally!

Local businesses cannot afford to skip on marketing themselves to attract customers. It's just too risky to rely solely on word of mouth referrals. So what to do? The answer for most has been, "set up a website!" And then nothing happens. A Local marketing company is is critical to understanding how to get your page ranked and working smoothly so that you actually get clients from it. They will save you time and money far beyond what it costs you to use their services. DIY Marketing Sometimes you may feel like you don't have the cashflow to pay a marketer or don't find value in their expertise, so what should you do then? One solution to this problem is to do all of the steps yourself. Although this involves a serious time investment, it can save a few dollars and can be critical in helping you understand the what and how of internet marketing. I still believe in using a professional. Either in-house (very expensive) or outso
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